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Brave to Be Lee by Les Atkins - Publish Date: Spring 2024

One stuttering step at a time, Lee finds his voice.

Lee loves reading but finds it scary to speak up in class because of his stutter. With the help of his teachers, Lee learns techniques to improve his speech and gradually gains confidence. Though talking is still tricky, Lee is determined to keep practicing, one word at a time. This heartwarming story shows how patience and encouragement can help a child overcome challenges.

Can Lee find the courage to read aloud, even when the words get stuck on his tongue?

An inspiring story about overcoming obstacles and finding your voice. Lee's journey to confidence will resonate with young readers.


Other Les Atkins Books

Healing Through Gratitude Journal:  A Journey Through Grief After Losing a Parent

"Healing Through Gratitude" offers 50 thoughtful prompts and ample space for reflection to guide you through the healing process after losing a parent. Discover solace and hope as you explore your emotions and cherished memories.

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Behind the Lens: A Professional Photographer's Secrets to 6-Figures

"Behind the Lens: A Professional Photographer's Secrets to 6-Figures" is a comprehensive guide for aspiring and established photographers seeking to transform their passion into a thriving business. Written by seasoned photographer Les Atkins, this book offers invaluable insights and practical advice drawn from his three decades of experience in the industry. Atkins covers every aspect of building a successful photography business, from honing your craft and developing a unique style to setting up a legal business structure and creating effective marketing strategies. He shares his expert knowledge on pricing, contracts, and client management, ensuring readers are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the competitive photography market. Atkins also delves into the importance of creating a strong brand, leveraging social media, and networking to attract ideal clients. With a focus on delivering exceptional service and creating meaningful, lasting images, this book is a roadmap to financial success and creative fulfillment in the world of professional photography. Atkins' engaging writing style and real-world examples make "Behind the Lens" an essential resource for anyone dedicated to turning their photography passion into a profitable, sustainable career.


Coming Fall 2024

"The Anchorman's Secret," a gripping thriller novel that follows a charismatic news anchor's dark secret and the destructive consequences it has on him and those around him. A tale of ambition, betrayal, and the high price of fame.

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"Les Atkins is a master storyteller who has a unique talent for bringing characters to life. His debut children's book is an inspiring story about overcoming obstacles and finding your voice. 


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Les Atkins is a talented writer with a passion for storytelling. He has been writing stories since childhood and has now fulfilled his lifelong dream of publishing books. 

Atkins is also a veteran television news journalist and has worked as a public information officer for public schools in North Carolina for the past decade. He currently resides in North Carolina with his family.

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